Royal Bouquet

Royal Bouquet

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Royal Bouquet- Inspired by the British Royal Family

The beloved British Royal Family was established in 1066. Royal Bouquet honors the royal family and celebrates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her platinum jubilee this year.

Royal Bouquet symbolizes the immensely romantic and honorable love story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The queen married the prince at St. James's Palace chapel wearing an orange flower-inspired head piece, making orange flower a symbol of love and the royal couple worldwide. As a token of their mutual love, the queen and prince often granted each other with orange flower inspired gifts such as perfumes and the queen’s handmade corset scented with orange flower as a tribute to her husband.

Royal Bouquet’s bright, floral scent is crafted around the beautiful Orange Flower, a symbol of unconditional love and true sentiment between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. A noble bouquet of the British royal family’s favorite florals, Rose and Osmanthus opens the fragrance with majestic luminosity and assist in beautifying the reigning queen of the scent, the Orange Flower. The base of the scent is adorned in sheer elegance with addictive Vanilla Bean and creamy Musk creating a sillage fit for royalty and representative of queen and prince’s everlasting love.

As the British Royal Family continues to capture the hearts of people around the world, Royal Bouquet will enliven your memories and bring you to the center of the iconic love stories of the family.

Notes: Orange flower, Pink Pepper, Honeysuckle, Osmanthus, Turkish rose, Vanilla Bean, Orris, Musk



  • Gender-neutral/Unisex 
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Longest-lasting & Timeless
  • Masterfully crafted with the highest quality ingredients
  • British Imperial State Crown Inspired Cap embellished with Ruby and Emerald Stones
  • Hand-cut crafted crystal Adorned with Sparkly diamond-cut Crystals round the 24-karat real gold plated neck

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