Platinum Jubilee

HM Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee


The crown-Cap for a $3 million dollars perfume, the world's most expensive perfume. The crown-cap was recreated from the British Imperial State crown worth over a $100 million.

A perfume created in celebration of HM Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee.  Like her Majesty, these 3 master-craft are once-in-a-lifetime, creation. Evoking the rich royalty and history of the British Sovereign and inspired by the Imperial State crown, this bespoke Platinum Celebration is crafted from the world's finest and most precious materials.  

Since the first appearance of the Imperial State crown in the 15th century, the crown has come to represent the power and majesty of the English monarchy, having adorned Queen Victoria, King George VI, King Edward VII and, of course, HM Queen Elizabeth II.   The Imperial Crown has come to serve as a symbol of grace and celebration.

Benigna Parfums has now recreated the crown in ultimate celebration collection in honor and celebration of HM Queen Elizabeth II on her platinum jubilee celebration.

 Benigna Parfums will donate the profit from the 3 bottles of the Platinum celebration collection to charities.

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