Impossibility Nonexistence

We are currently working on our first Hollywood feature movie called Impossibility Nonexistence, which commences filming this Summer! A true story of love and passion meets obstacles. Stay toned!


A Story of Dreams and inspirations 

Benigna’s innate creativity, together with lasting impressions of images from her formative years of colorful floral landcapes has guided her to express herself in this diverse sensorial adventure.
Benigna was a naturally inquisitive and curious child. At the age of eight she was mesmerized by the most dreamlike images of flowers on the cover of a magazine. The simple yet idyllic portraits of the vibrant blossoms captured her imagination with the promise of a beautiful and heavenly escape from the life she knew, and in her young mind she vowed to one day visit this place. That same year, she was fascinated and inspired by an airplane flying over her house in her small village. Just as assuredly as she said she would find the place where the flowers are, she resolved her will to become a pilot. And the powerful combination of these two visual experiences inspired her to seek out the world she desired to pursue her ambitions and dreams.
Even at such a young age, Benigna was unwilling to allow the rural village to define her future. Almost daily, she would travel hours to a nearby city to access the internet – her only golden source for information. She would search for information on gaining admission into an American university and how to become a pilot - everything she felt would equip her to succeed in her dreams. A few years later, Benigna excitedly stepped onto an American university campus. Amazingly, at the entrance was what seemed to be the same flowers she had gazed at on that magazine cover at the age of eight.  And after she became an Aerospace Engineer and also became a pilot –  the faraway dream that a young girl bravely dared to imagine; she knew then that a higher power was orchestrating a beautiful symphony for her life and once again she would prevail despite all odds.
Her compelling story continued in Paris, the city that represents love and artistic excellence to so many. We must note that it had never been one of Benigna's ambitions to create her own brand, but then one day a spontaneous, kind compliment from a complete stranger struck yet another spark in Benigna’s mind, and that fortuitous moment would herald the arrival of Benigna Parfums. Benigna’s sustained life-long passion for the beauty and scent of flowers and her pleasure in gifting perfumes to friends and family had already made her increasingly more curious and enthralled with the world of perfumery.
Upon receiving this supreme compliment, Benigna was filled with inspiration and knew then she wanted to create her own perfumes that portrayed elegance and classical artistry. The motivation was to produce an exquisite perfume collection that embraces our individuality and draws us together to tell a uniquely personal story. As Benigna continued to venture deep into the soul of perfumery, she felt strongly that fragrances shouldn’t be based on gender but on emotion and feeling, and thus the idea of gender-neutral and transformative scents was seeded. Sustainability for her brand and products was a mandate because of her deep, heartfelt idea that the world needs a balance of joy and harmony, and we should love and respect our environment.
As Benigna let her creativity flow and developed what is an affectionate homage to that original magazine cover of colorful flowers and her personal achievements through grace, hard work, and unwavering ambition, Benigna Parfums came to be the inspiring and dynamic brand that it is today.