Brand Story


The Fragrances

Benigna Parfums is a luxury fragrance brand that aims to bring novel and exquisite perfumes with meaning to the global market. A Master Perfumer has expertly crafted our first creation using only the highest quality raw materials. Poured and presented in a diamond shaped  crystal bottle with 24 carat gold and Swarovski diamonds inlaid round the neck, this genderless scent conveys the upmost luxury. The fragrance notes of Bulgarian Rose, Tuberose and a fresh and enlivening Jasmine were individually selected and blended into a perfectly balanced scent that represents harmony, celebration and joy.

Benigna Parfums’s Mission: to create elegant and luxurious fragrances with a purpose; to inspire joy and happiness and appeal to those who want a luxurious fragrance experience that also helps gives back to the community and society.


Our Founder’s Story

This new scent is the fulfilment of a dream for our founder; Benigna. At age 8, she came across the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen on the cover of a magazine.  At the top of the flowers, were also the words “Sweet Home Alabama". This idyllic place with beautiful flowers seemed so far away for a village girl who lived in a mud house with her grandmother. The image on the magazine looked out of this world, it had a heavenly feel to its beauty and started her lifelog love of flowers. During the same year, the curiosity that lead from spotting an airplane flying over her house in the village, sparked another interest; Science. The two most impactful visuals of her childhood - the airplane and the beautiful picture of flowers became her driving force.

Driven by positivity, persistence, ambition and unwillingness to let destitution dictate her life she managed to get a place at college to study Aerospace Engineering and Piloting. On that momentous day, stepping into the United States of America, she came across those same beautiful flowers at the entrance of her campus and new life.

Fast forward to years later and Benigna has turned her entrepreneurial and determined spirit to transform her undeniable love for flowers, into the arrival of the Benigna Parfums' "Absolute Celebration" line, based on one of nature’s most majestic and beautiful flowers; Rose. This parfum for him and her celebrates Bulgarian Rose - a rare, delightful, expensive and precious fragrance ingredient. Natural Jasmine and rich Tuberose have been added to create a fragrance that promotes the characteristics of positivity and joy.

Today as one of the biggest factors in the achievement of this long ago dream, Benigna has set up a foundation that will be partly funded by the sales from Benigna Perfumes. The charity foundation is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging others, particularly women globally to pursue their dreams by taking a cue from her own life journey.

The Charity

Created by the founder of Benigna Parfums, the BeEagle Foundation is an innovative non-profit organization that provides opportunity for young people, especially females to participate in challenging STEM projects and activities. The work of the foundation also includes providing financial support to the needy. In order to ensure an enduring legacy 10% of all profits created by Benigna Parfums will go towards promoting the work of the BeEagle Foundation.