Benigna Parfums  produces exquisitely-composed gender-neutral fragrances with a purpose to inspire joy, harmony and appeal to those who want a luxurious sensory experience.  Benigna Parfums has consciously made a decision to only create gender-neutral fragrances to aid in the mission to break down gender barriers in this space. The perfumes embrace the power of oneness, yet tell a unique story on every skin.
Using only the most superior quality and rarest ingredients, the scents result in exquisite and exceptional formulations. Each masterful blend has a distinct meaning and contains the most concentrated strength of precious fragrance oils, infusing the scents with incomparable longevity, body and depth for a perfect representation of luxury. You will experience boundless happiness and delight upon wearing the elegant fragrances lovingly crafted by Benigna Parfums, and your heart will smile.
Join us on an extraordinary journey of scent to a world inspired by vivid imagery of bright and richly-scented flowers and aspirations to reach into endless blue skies.


 Benigna Parfums is Luxuriously Sustainable And Eco-Friendly

The innovative and eco-conscious approach of the brand dictated that the timeless bottles should be refillable, thereby allowing customers to make these stunning creations a personal keepsake to be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed on. The cardboard and wooden boxes used by the brand come from trees that are fully certified by the World Land Trust and the FSC. The eco-friendly theme of the brand is just one part of our captivating story.  


                     The Craftsmanship  


 Focus on exquisite perfumes : With a vision to create exquisite gender-neutral and transformative luxury perfumes, Benigna Parfums’ passionate focus has always been to seek out the most uniquely rare and expensive ingredients. With a quick glance at the composition of our fragrances, you will notice a stellar list of precious and elusive elements such as Bulgarian Rose, Ambergris, Musk, Oud and Orris. In a dedicated and painstaking effort to provide an extraordinary olfactive experience, many of them have been aged from 2 to 5 years to produce as little as 2 kilos (4.4 pounds) of fragrance oil, which insures our perfumes have unparalleled longevity and outstanding depth. The craftsmanship behind Benigna Parfums is truly exceptional and unmatched. We enjoy every aspect of the process, and take delight in the pleasure and sheer joy our creations will bring to you.
 Refillable and Reusable bottle:
Highlighting sustainability, the refillable crystal bottle helps to save the environment and shows love to the planet. Owing to a special manufacturing process, crystal is not recycled in the same way as glass. The innovative and eco-friendly approach of the brand dictated that the timeless bottles should be refillable and reusable, thereby allowing customers to make this precious creation a forever keepsake to be enjoyed and passed down to future generations.
Bottles shape and material: The perfume bottles are made of crystal material and facet-cut like a diamond, with a stunning appearance and very reflective . The diamond shape symbolizes purity, perfection, harmony, creativity, and strength, which are the pillars of Benigna Parfums' core values.  
 Bottle’s top view details and perspectives: The top view of the crystal bottle is geometrically designed to mimic an airplane wing, a representation of the Brand's theme - the story of a young American woman of African descent pursuing her dreams and passion to become an aerospace engineer and pilot. 
The Stoppers: Benigna Parfums uses artisanal hand-cut crystal stoppers. The three signature fragrances - Absolute Celebration, Premier Amour, and Escape Velocity, each have their own unique stopper designed in circular, elliptical and rectangular shapes, respectively.
 Neck: Our luxurious fragrance bottle is enhanced by the 24k gold-plated neck with 7 pieces of Swarovski crystals embedded around it, speaking to the intensive attention to detail and carefully thought-out design.
 No. 7 : The 7 pieces of diamond-shaped Swarovski crystals encircling the neck have a meaningful significance: the number "7" represents completeness and perfection.
Logo: The Benigna Parfums logo printed on the bottle is pure gold, which is reflective of the brand's high-end luxury appeal and classic timelessness.



                        The Floral Trio Collection

 Discover the beautiful world of Benigna Parfums and embrace your different moods with The Floral Trio Collection, a suite of fragrances that translate Benigna’s love of flowers and vision of graceful beauty, vital determination and boundless joy into three magnificent perfumes. Each perfume was specially formulated to be worn alone or to be layered, offering limitless possibilities for blending, experimentation, and joyful sensory experiences.

                        Inspiration of Absolute Celebration
 Absolute Celebration is a bright, fruity floral inspired by Benigna’s love for flowers and her zest and pure enthusiasm for life. The heart is the Bulgarian rose, and she has always been wildly attracted to the rose – an important cornerstone in perfumery. Much like one’s dreams in life, the petals of the blossoming rose unfold as the perfume represents the diligent and relentless effort put in to the work, and celebrates the beautiful reward that comes when you’ve achieved your goals.

            Inspiration of Premier Amour
Premier Amour is a sweet gourmand floral that is influenced by Benigna’s memories of her first love. Her passion for flowers is boldly reflected centering around the sultry Tuberose and melded with woods and spices to keep the scent mysterious and alluring. We always remember the sweetness of our first love – it endures in our heart and mind the longest and takes us back to a place we yearn to be, recalling cherished romantic moments, and inspiring new ones.
            Inspiration of Escape Velocity
Escape Velocity is a heady, fresh floral flawlessly composed with a blend of Benigna’s beloved White and Bulgarian Roses to invigorate the never-ending quest to master what appears impossible and break free from what holds us back. The sky is never the limit, and no matter what the challenges – you can find a way to overcome and escape your surroundings through the power of creativity, resourcefulness, and confidence.
The Charity
The BeEagle Foundation is a non-profit organization Benigna created to inspire and encourage young women to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and to participate in challenging related initiatives, inspired by her own path and ambition to encourage others to pursue their dreams.
 Having achieved far beyond what she thought could be possible in her life, Benigna wants to instill that nothing is impossible. With the pledge to inspire and provide opportunities to young women around the world, a portion of the proceeds from Benigna Parfums will be allocated to promoting the initiatives of the BeEagle Foundation.