Brand Story


The Brand

Inspired by Benigna’s commitment to pursue her passion for gender-neutral and transformative scents, Benigna Parfums distinguishes itself as being a perfume house inspired by memories of childhood and dreams coming to reality. The perfume’s craftsmanship is reflected in the brand's attention to detail- from its aesthetically pleasing bottles and complex fragrances inspired by a trio of florals – to its presentation of grace and artistry.

Join us on a journey of scents to a world inspired by vivid imagery of bright and richly scented flowers and aspirations to reach up into endless blue skies. 


A Story of Dreams

 Benigna always knew what her future held for her when she escaped her birthplace and set on a path to become a successful aerospace engineer and pilot in the United States. The coalescence of her creative  and analytic thinking, together with the impression of images in her formative years of brightly colored flowers and scents, lead to her venture into the realm of niche perfumery.

 Benigna was a naturally inquisitive and curious child. At the age of eight she was mesmerized by the most dreamlike images of flowers on the cover of a magazine. This simple yet idyllic image of vibrant flower fields captured her imagination and transported her mind to a place so beautiful and heavenly. The vision of these bright and colorful flowers left an indelible mark on her.  In her young mind she vowed to one day find this place and somehow capture the scents of those lovely flowers to share with the world. That same year, she was fascinated and inspired by an airplane flying over her house in the village. Just as assuredly as she said she would bring that picture to life, she resolved her will to become a pilot. And so the combination of these two visual experiences became inspirations for her to escape the world she lived in and to fulfill her dreams. 

As Benigna completed her high school, her dreams of achieving her goals remained in her mind. This is when her resourcefulness took over.  Unwilling to let her rural village surroundings dictate her life, she took matters into her own hands. And this determination would ultimately lead her to be the first in her family to attend college. 

Almost daily, she would travel over an hour to a nearby city to access the internet – her golden source for information. She would search for information on what she needed to do to get admission into an American university, how to become a pilot- everything needed to succeed in her dreams. While searching for pilot programs, she discovered the industry of aerospace engineering and knew she had found her niche.

A few years later, Benigna stepped onto an American university campus. Amazingly, at the campus entrance she was welcomed by what seemed to be the same flowers she had seen on that magazine cover at the age of eight. She knew then that a higher power was orchestrating a beautiful symphony for her life. Benigna knew she had arrived – that her positivity and persistence was about to pay off. As a self-made woman, Benigna worked her way through college and flight school and once again prevailed in life despite all odds. She became a successful Aerospace Engineer and obtained her Pilot's license –  fulfilling a chapter in her life and setting the stage for the next....

Her story continued in Paris. The other visual experience of the image of flowers on the magazine cover inspired her life-long love of flowers. She always loved the scents from flowers. She recognized the power of perfumes to influence people’s perception and to empower one's social presence. This soon heralded the arrival of Benigna Parfums. A trio of scents inspired to spread love, positivity and boundless joy to others. Benigna collaborated with Award-winning Perfumer Cécile Zarokian, to translate Benigna’s vision into three magnificent scents which represented her life. The gender-neutral luxury perfumes are a homage to that magazine image of flowers and her achievements through grace, hard work, and unwavering ambition. This collection is masterfully created for those who desire to seek out superior quality and true distinction. Elegant perfumes that embrace the power of oneness, yet tell a unique story on everyone’s skin.


The Craftsmanship 

Benigna Parfums’s Mission is to produce exquisitely-composed perfumes with a purpose to inspire joy, harmony and appeal to those who want a luxurious sensory experience.

Using only the highest quality and rare ingredients the scents result in novel and luxurious formulations. The fragrances have body, depth and longevity obtained through using a special method to extract the oil. These extraordinary gender-neutral  fragrances are presented in a hand-cut crystal  adorned with Swarovski crystals around the 24-karat gold-plated neck.


The Trio : Absolute Celebration, Premier Amour and Escape Velocity

 Inspiration of Absolute Celebration

 Absolute Celebration was inspired by Benigna’s love for flowers and her zest for life. As far back as her memories could serve, she was always drawn to the rose – a cornerstone of perfumery.

Absolute Celebration’s central note is the Bulgarian rose. Much like one’s achievements in life, and a blossoming rose – the perfume represents care and the effort to put in the work to celebrate the beauty that comes when you’ve achieved your goals. The rose notes are surrounded with bright and fruity notes. The combination of these notes has the ability to create joy and celebrate success.

Benigna’s connection to this perfume runs true and deep. The scent provides an understated elegance that invites people in to gain a trust yet at the same time exudes confidence, power, and success.

Inspiration of Premier Amour

Premier Amour is all about our first love. We always remember the sweetness of our first love. Our first love endures in our memories the longest. This fragrance is centered around a bouquet of tuberose and heliotrope. This intense scent is combined with Tonka bean and rare woods that gives you an everlasting effect. It lingers in your mind and takes you back to a place you yearn to be – a place of unconditional, enduring, and timeless sensuality that awakens your most cherished and romantic moments and inspire new ones.

Benigna’s connection to this scent is about her first love. The enduring love of flowers is reflected in this perfume – centered around the sultry tuberose and mixed with woods and spices to keep the scent mysterious and enchanting.

Inspiration of Escape Velocity

The sky is never the limit, and no matter the obstacles in your way – you can overcome and escape your surroundings through creativity, resourcefulness, and confidence. The scent is uplifting and dramatically refreshing. The combination of white and Bulgarian rose is encapsulated by lemon and bergamot along with a sheer musk – providing you with a boldness and confidence to explore new experiences and reach for your goals.

Benigna’s connection to this scent speaks to her desire to break free from what holds you back. This empowering scent gives you a sense that if you channel your energy towards creativity, curiosity, and resourcefulness you can go wherever your dreams take you.

The Charity

BeEagle Foundation, a non-profit organization which was created to encourage  young women around the world to pursue STEM education and offer opportunities to participate in challenging STEM initiatives. Inspired by Benigna’s own path and ambition to encouraging others to pursue their dreams.

 Having achieved the seemingly impossible, Benigna wants to instill that nothing is impossible. With the pledge to inspire and provide opportunities to young women around the world, some proceeds from Benigna Parfums will be allocated promoting the initiatives of the BeEagle Foundation.