Brand Story

                 Poor  Anthophile girl Who Achieves  A Life Of Abundance 

 At age 8, a young Benigna who is naturally inquisitive and curious came across the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen on the cover of a magazine.  At the top of the flowers, were also the words “Sweet Home Alabama". This Dreamland filled with beautiful flowers was a far cry from a girl who lived in a mud house with her grandmother in her village. With self-assurance, she said to herself “I must go to this place”. The image on the magazine looked out of this world, it had a heavenly feel to its beauty. During the same year, her curiosity leading from spotting an airplane flying over her house in the village sparked another interest, she assured herself that she will be that person flying the airplane. The two most impactful visuals of her childhoods - the airplane and the beautiful picture of flowers in "Sweet Home Alabama" became the driving force of her life. But she was just a girl in the village with no father or guardian. 

After her secondary school with nobody to pay for her college in her home country but driven by positivity, persistence, ambition and unwillingness to let destitution dictate her life, she figured out her only way to get information was through the use of internet. Back then, the Internet was a very rare and new in the country and was accessible to only a few. She would have to travel to a cyber cafe in the city to use the Internet. She would ask google questions as innocent as how to go to get an admission to study in America, how to become a pilot etc. As she dug deeper into information, she stumbled upon a much more challenging part of airplane which was space related, right there she assured her self again of going to study Aerospace Engineering and piloting. On the fateful day on step into United States of America, she came across those same beautiful flowers at the entrance of the campus, she felt a sense of joy and realization of synchronicity like in a movie featuring her as the central character. Benigna arrived at an American university with no money in her pocket and no idea on how to pay her way through college and flight school, how managed to prevail in spite of the odds against her is a story of a journey of hope chronicled in details in her upcoming book titled “Escape Velocity. 

 Fast forward to years later, Benigna turned an entrepreneur and wanted to transform her undeniable love for flowers into a product that she can use to spread love, positivity and joy to others. This heralds the arrival of Benigna Parfums' "Absolute Celebration" line of perfume products, rose based perfume that lasts all day. Presented in a luxurious crystal bottle with a formulation crafted with the most exquisite and highest quality ingredients. The most notable of the ingredients is the Bulgarian Rose- a rare, delightful, expensive and one of the most precious ingredients. With this, Benigna's life had come a full circle from being excited by the flowers on the magazine to creating a luxury perfume dominated by floral notes.

Having achieved the seemingly impossible, she decided to give back to society by starting a charity foundation dedicated to inspiring and encouraging others, particularly women globally to pursue their dreams by taking a cue from her own life journey. The charity - BeEagle Foundation is an innovative non-profit organization that provides opportunity for young people, especially females to participate in challenging STEM projects and activities. The work of the foundation also includes providing financial support to the needy. In order to ensure an enduring legacy through the work of her foundation, she decided to set aside 10 percent of all profits from Benigna Parfums to go towards promoting the work of the BeEagle Foundation